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Leveraging our ProFit model, we share insights with you to create a fuller strategy that expands your business picture.

Your strategy

With sophisticated software and analysis that drives clear reports, you benefit from crisp strategy, clarity, and intelligence.

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Your time is valuable, and with a unique portal, automated updates, and a dedicated representative, you can access your information easily.

Meet your team:

Welcome to your personal account executive at Schapira CPA. We welcome you, learn the niche specifics of what you do, and partner with you to business growth and success. Get what you need, when you want it, exactly when you need it from our skilled team.


Mendel Schapira

Founder and CEO of Schapira CPA
Accounting, and chief CPA.


Esty Gelbstein

Staff accountant and client
representative. Esty specializes in
wholesale and Amazon business setup.


Rifky Eidlisz

Staff accountant and client
representative. Rifky specializes
in the real estate industry.


Rachel Lefkowitz

Staff accountant and financing
specialist. Rachel also sets up new
entities as well as payroll.


Chaya Brach

Staff accountant and client
representative. Chaya
specializes in construction
and manufacturing.


Esty Schiasha

Staff accountant who
specializes in the retail
and the food industry.


Joel Breier

Operations manager. Joel
assures that internal and
external lines are moving in the
right direction at all times.


Shloimy Roth

Primary tax code researcher
and reviewer. Shloimy is also
responsible for all tax
updates and implications.


Peri Elias

Administrator at Schapira CPA.
Peri reviews and assures client
docs are received and complete
before work is started.

Driven by your business goals.

Your business is growing. We help keep you on track.

Proactive Accounting

Secure your business growth with analytics

ProFit is our unique approach designed for your profit. We provide your with "Quarterly Health Reviews" that detail your businesses precise financial standpoint through KPIs.

Collaborative Growth

Fuel your business mechanics with oversight

You’re assigned a designated representative and client portal when you join Schapira. Our intelligent software monitors and notifies you at key intervals of actions necessary.

Creative Strategy

Protect your business revenue with insights

Saving your business money is a priority. We analyze every aspect of your business, and then, our team pinpoints and utilizes creative opportunities that grow your bottom line.

The bottom line?
Your bottom line.

Schapira CPA, an accounting firm that unites smart analysis and personal oversight with select business owners.

The bottom line?
Your bottom line.

Schapira CPA, an accounting firm that unites smart analysis and personal oversight with select business owners.

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