About Us

The team at Schapira CPA, P.C. is committed to helping small
to mid-sized businesses grow and prosper.

About Schapira CPA, P.C.

As a business owner, you are looking for more than a tax preparation service. You are looking for a partner that understands how your business operates, a partner who will guide you on the best possible path to ensure worry-free business growth for many years to come.

At Schapira CPA, P.C., we take great pride in focusing our attention on our clients' personalized needs, rather than just going through the motions. When we process financial statements, we look beyond the numbers; we notice the patterns. We then proceed to take the right steps to make sure our clients are aware of the information and help them execute their strategy with trust and integrity.

"We are glad with the decision we made to take on Schapira CPA to manage our finances and taxes. They have provided us with amazing resources, knowledgeable advice, and personalized service. The tools we got from Schapira CPA helped our company grow by 78% last fiscal year. "
Joel Goldstein, Insurance Agency, NY